Amelia Marie Freedman

Birthday cake

Ice cream

Hard work


and sliding

Lighting Hanukah
candles (with a
little help)

Little princess

Start the loot!

More loot!

Wanna share?

All tired out
Bounce U birthday
Bounce U birthday
Princess Mia
Princess Mia
Riding bikes
Riding bikes
Graduation day
at La Crosse Children's Museum
driving the firetruck
at La Crosse Children's
Museum, Thanksgiving
Halloween 2009
Princess Mia

a pretty dress for


Christmas princess

Smile, Poppop!

A dozen years later...

Bumper bikes  (WMV, 12 MB)

Graduation ceremony  (WMV, 17 MB)

5th birthday cake.wmv  (WMV, 0.4 MB)

Great Performance (WMV, 18 MB)

Mia's Chorus, Christmas 2015

Mia's Introduction  (MP4, 4 MB)

Shalom Chaverim  (MP4, 16 MB)

Shalom, Pacem, Peace  (MP4, 40 MB)

Jingle Bells  (MP4, 13 MB)

Rock Around the Jingle Bells  (MP4, 15 MB)

Frosty the Snowman  (MP4, 36 MB)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas  (MP4, 25 MB)

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