Lilith Rose Myers

She had a hat!
Catherine, Maddy and Lilith
Big Sister Maddy with
Mom and Lilith
Russ and Lilith
Proud Papa
Andi, Maddy and Lilith
Maddy and Grandmom
and Lilith
Jay and Lilith
Even Poppop gets a turn
Closeup of Lilith
It's so serious!

happy baby
monkey business
monkey business
Thanksgiving 2009
Aunt Marty's orange

I love my hat!

Maddy helps Lily
stand up

I look good in
everything I eat!

it's the stand-up
standing up
really standing up
the toothy grin
the toothy grin
Mattan and Lily
Does it have legs?

Look what
Cousin Josh
showed me!

Wearing the family
heirloom bib

Helping Mommy and
Grandmom bake
Maddy's birthday cake

Reading with Grandmom

I can take off
my shoe!

What's in there?

Do you like my

Lily giggles (WMV, 10 MB)

Lily dancing (WMV, 14 MB)

Lily walks (WMV, 6.5 MB)

Lily says her name (WMV, 8 MB)

Lily chases the cat (WMV, 32 MB)

Lily and Grandmom reading (WMV, 64 MB)

Lily on the slide (WMV, 7 MB)

Maddy's face paint and Lily's crayons (WMV, 24 MB)

Lily computes (WMV, 8 MB)

Lily helps serve fruit (WMV, 13 MB)

Great Performance (WMV, 18 MB)

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