Joshua Jeffrey Freedman

Little swing

You talkin'
to me?

Tickle me Josh

Working on the

All smiles

Big swing

Hanukah candles

Oboy, prezzies!

Rip the paper

Wow, dinosaurs!

Fun in the box

Fun with magnets
climbing up
climbing up...
and sliding down
and sliding down
Who, me?
Who, me?
Riding bikes
Riding bikes
Josh and Poppop
Josh and Poppop

at the Strawberry Festival
Halloween 2009
Josh as Woody,
Halloween 2009

With Cousin Lily

Teaching Cousin Lily
a new trick

A Christmas present
in an egg

Love my Transformer

Stompin' at the Savoy  (WMV, 6 MB)

At the park  (WMV, 7 MB)

Bumper bikes  (WMV, 12 MB)

3rd birthday cake  (WMV, 1 MB)

Preschool graduation  (WMV, 14 MB)

Great Performance (WMV, 18 MB)

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